PPF ultimate protection film application

PPF PRO protective film

PPF body protection film is the bodywork protection par excellence. This new polyurethane film with unique formula is extremely transparent and therefore virtually invisible after installation. However, it offers incomparable protection against the vast majority of attacks from the outside world.

Thanks to its high ductility, the installation of the film by a professional installer is also a breeze.

Brussels Car Detailing has gathered all its know-how in this product to create a very resistant film, which combines well with the design / covering films and which offers the ultimate protection of your car.


The 3PPF Pro protective film will prevent almost all projections, scratches and aggression. It preserves the new look of your car and helps maintain its resale value.

Many parts of the car can be protected. Bumpers, headlights, wings, side mirrors and hood can be well covered. You can even choose to have your entire car covered so you do not have to worry about anything.

Specially trained installers often use a set of film pieces that have been uniquely developed for this specific type of car. This ensures a perfect fit and invisibly placed protection. For small areas, the film can also be cut and applied perfectly to measure.

Unlike cars that, due to their complexity and size, require professional installation, kits often specially designed for motorcycles are available to allow you to easily pose them yourself. The surface to be covered for motorcycles is quite small, so there is much less complexity in the shapes and outlines where the film should be placed. You get the same protection against splashes and wear, but at a lower cost by putting the film yourself.


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