Application coating in ceramic and quartz

We also make glass coating, which means paint protection thanks to a Mayvinci ceramic layer.
Mayvinci Europe offers its customers the ultimate protection of their cars, motorcycles, yachts and jets.
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“Detailing” or “Detailed” is a set of techniques and treatments for cleaning, rejuvenation and protection of different surfaces of a vehicle. The technique, the products and the care of the “detail” give the impression that a detailed vehicle has just left an exhibition.

The products used are not aggressive to the surfaces and are applied with careful techniques in order not to scratch and scratch the paint and eliminate the maximum shine of the vehicle. Depending on the degree of definition we want, it can be detailed by performing an integral cleaning or it can be repaired by polishing the bodywork, ceramic treatments and seats, leathers and gums fed.

Finally, the vehicle receives a protection process that aims to reduce the deterioration produced by environmental conditions and keep the vehicle cleaner longer and easier. Avoid oxidation, loss of brightness or cracking of the padding, among other things.

If you want one of the most complete treatments for your car, then this is the right choice. In terms of lacquer correction, I go a long way in polishing at least 3 steps. Really every centimeter will not escape me and will be treated with precision.

The Supreme Detail is one of the most complete details available for your car. A three-step polishing treatment corrects the ultimate paint. Every inch of your car will be handled by Brussels Car Detailing.

The swirl correction is 85 to 95%, the scratch correction is 75 to 95% and the gloss correction is 100%. As a protective measure of paint, I presume a Mayvinci coating.

Treatment plan

  • Pre-cleaning in several stages
  • Hand wash with neutral pH shampoo
  • Cleaning the door frame
  • Cleaning rims and wheel arches with wheel brushes and safe cleaning products
  • Cleaning the stirrup
  • Drying with extremely soft towels
  • Air drying
  • Clay drying
  • Polishing treatment at least in 3 steps
  • Optional: cleaning and polishing frames and chrome parts
  • Optional: cleaning and protection of plastic parts
  • Application of Mayvinci ceramic or quartz coating
  • Cleaning the interior and exterior windows
  • Application of waterproof coating

Thanks to significant investments, exceptional engineers and high-end materials, Mayvinci is able to offer unique products that will shape the future of the detailing industry.
The recognition of the experts in the field as well as the many elite customers who now trust Mayvinci testify to the exceptional quality of our products and our increased requirements in this area.
Mayvinci’s motto is simple: design a product with exceptional results.


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