Ecological washing by hand

The VWash service is a revolution in the washing and total cleaning of your vehicle, using the pressure steamer we do not need any detergents to carry out a complete washing.
VWash cleans your body but also your interior, the engine, the wheels of your vehicle, all a service at your disposal according to your expectations.

The safest way for your car to be washed by hand. Your car will be treated with high quality neutral pH shampoo and wash products currently available. This in combination with pure and clear water, at the right temperature and the right ratio of shampoo mixture.

The duration of a body wash is on average 20 minutes. Steam dissolves dirt that will be peeled off with no claw hazard for your paint. To finish, the passage of a microfiber cloth will restore all your brilliance to your vehicle.

Our mobile teams move where you are, we just need a power outlet. Nevertheless if we can not connect, VWash can also be completely autonomous without the support of electricity.

If you are reluctant to use water, we also offer ecological cleaning of your vehicles without water or steam. Its price will be higher because of its longer workforce. This system does not allow the possibility of disinfection of your tissues.

The innovation of the BIO-Cleansing allows an integral washing of the vehicle without the use of complementary products, by associating a pressure of air between 6 and 8 bars and adding to the steam of 120 °. This one will bring you a result superior to that that you used before, and saving up to 195 liters of water per wash.

Steam allows for optimal cleaning that penetrates into inaccessible places and cleans the fibers gently and deeply. This technology dissolves without aggression or abrasion your surfaces, it disinfects, deodorizes, destroys bacteria, mites and pollens to find a pure and healthy space.

Our company offers mobile units, which move to the place of your choice and do not require any particular infrastructure. We simplify your daily life by saving valuable time.


  • Efficiency and speed of washing
  • Respect for the environment: we do not use any chemicals
  • Saving time: you do not have to move
  • Disinfection and deodorant of your interior cabin and your ventilation ducts
  • Washing difficult places where others can not
  • Refurbishment of your fabrics, with sensation of ‘freshness’
  • Saving water from 120 to 180 liters per wash
  • Cleaning done by professional and qualified teams
  • Customized service that differentiates us from traditional washing


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