Specialist in application of tinted windows

Stain the windows of your vehicles for aesthetics, to avoid prying eyes and to protect you from the sun.

Brussels Car Détailing makes the installation of tinted films for the windows of your car.

  • hey reflect and absorb solar infrared heat: 40 to 80% of the heat
  • They control the transmission of visible light: Different levels of glare reduction
  • They reduce the greenhouse effect and amortize quickly: Possible depreciation over 3 years
  • They absorb ultraviolet radiation: 95 to 99% of the total
  • They reduce heat loss through windows in winter: up to 30%
  • They are available in many colors: transparent, silver, bronze, copper, gold, smoked, gray, green, blue …
  • They prevent the glass from bursting: on the neutral glass and under certain conditions,
  • They pass the same tests as tempered glass
  • They create intimacy or opacify glazing: different levels of opacity
  • They have excellent optical properties: the films being manufactured in large series and continuously, the tolerances of fabrications are extremely tight
  • They are treated anti-scratch: their surface is not afraid of cleaning and maintenance
  • The solidity of the manufacturing allows the normal maintenance of windows
  • Window washing takes less time
  • The risk of film abrasion during installation and maintenance is considerably reduced


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