Complete interior treatment, ozone, stains

Our Brussels Car Detailing center in Drogenbos, just outside Brussels, will allow you to refurbish the interior of your vehicle.

The complete interior repackaging of your vehicle with the steam, will make that all the tasks on the fabrics, plastics, carpets, ceiling, … will disappear.

You are not comfortable in a car with a dirty interior, it’s obvious!
An interior detail can be everything from a complete suction treatment with a very complete treatment where we clean every little corner of the inside of your car. Everything from seats, windows and plastic to leather will be cleaned and treated.

Every component inside your car requires a different approach and treatment. For example, car mats and seats are steam cleaned to kill bacteria that may settle there.

A properly cleaned interior with an ozone treatment avoids unpleasant odors and stays healthy during your trip.
If you have bad odors in the car, we can treat the interior with ozone to remove it permanently.
A large interior detail could take more than a day depending on what needs to be done.
In addition, damage to the “cheeks” of the seat due to repeated entries and exits of the car can be repaired.

Leather requires a different approach and should, after thorough and thorough cleaning, be cured with a leather dressing that prevents drying out. It is also possible to coat the leather with a Modesta coating for long-lasting protection.

Whatever comes to mind on your vehicle, we will be happy to make it happen.


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