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Car wrapping is the complete wrapping of your car with a protective film in the color of your choice. It can be done for different reasons: protection, other color, a small accent thus personalizing your car.

The film protects the paint and can be removed at any time, without any glue residue and without damaging the paint.
The car wrapping is an addition, but does not replace the bodywork. Paint that is not in perfect condition, must be repainted before applying the wrap.
The possibilities are numerous. We have a large assortment of films in several colors: glossy, metallic, matte, etc …

The quality of a car-wrapping is essential, thanks to the experience of more than ten years of our professional installers who are certified by the biggest brands, our covers are of an exceptional quality.

We offer a very wide range of colors. Each part is covered individually and a maximum of body parts is removed to be cleaned and degreased before the cover.

The benefits of a car wrapping

  • Protects your vehicle’s original paint and therefore increases its resale value
  • Leaves no glue residue when removed
  • Is significantly cheaper than a complete painting of your vehicle
  • Allows you to have a multitude of colors that are not available for your vehicle
  • A complete cover can be removed in a few hours and without glue residue.
  • The majority of car-wrapping has a life of about 5 years.

Whatever comes to mind on your vehicle, we will be happy to make it happen.



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